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Une compilation de bsides pour The Coral

News du 16.10.2020
The Coral ont commercialisé aujourd'hui en digital une compilation sobrement intitulée B-Sides et réunissant pas moins de quarante-cinq titres initialement publiés sous forme de bsides tout au long de la carrière du groupe.

Son tracklisting est le suivant :

God Knows
Short Ballad
Dressed Like A Cow
Sheriff John Brown
Good Fortune
Travelling Circus
Answer Me
Follow The Sun
Another Turn In The Lock
Sweet Sue
Spanish Man (Reversed)
Simian Technology
Run Run
Boy At The Window
Calendars and Clocks
From A Leaf To A Tree
Heartaches and Pancakes
Not The Girl
See My Love
See Through Bergerac
Shadows Fall
Teenage Machine Age
Tiger Lily
When Good Times Go Bad
God Knows
Who's That Knockin'
Gina Jones
LeeslunchboxbyblueleadandThevelcrounderpants (aka Bobby Zeus)
The Box
The Case Of Arthur Tannen
The Conjourer
The Image Of Richard Burton As Crom (aka Slow Mo Murder)
Far From The Crowd
Ghostriders In The Sky
LaughIng Eyes
The Visitor
Pictures from The Other Side
The Voice
Who's Gonna Find Me (Acoustic) [Live]
One Winters Day
The Dance Lingers On
Depth Of Her Smile
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